ACSM Our Mission
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Our Mission is to build a strong research and teaching environment that responds to future challenges. Our mission is to provide quality computer education in both theoretical and applied foundations of computer science and train students to effectively. Apply this research based and originality oriented education to solve real world problems. Thus amplifying their potential & interpersonal for high quality career and give them competitive advantage in every challenging global work environment.

  • Strengthen the development of associated learning centre as a proactive role model for high quality and learner centric computer literacy programmee.
  • Share professional capabilities and resources to improve standards of computer education in the whole world.
  • Develop networks using emerging technologies and methods with global reach for effective programme delivery.
  • Provide an intelligent flexible system of education to meet the challenges of access and equity and work towards development of knowledge based society.
  • Provide computer education to the highest unreached people and promote community participation for local development.
  • Provide specific need-based computer education and training opportunities for continuous professional development and skill up gradation to in service professionals.