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      The Desk of Managing Director.

Dear Visitors/Learners,
                  I am very glad to invite you to our family of ACSM, The institute of computer and management is a vocational training program run by Pankaj Technological Systems Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi.

We introduce ourselves as national level organization in the field of IT Developments. Today information technology are being used in each and every growing industry for better performance, reliability and manage ability for this purpose Antarrashtriya computer Shakshrta Mission has clear concept and plan to provide suitable environment with quality education in IT field, both across this major cities and rural areas. To improve the IT skill of the new generation Antrarrashtriya Computer Shakashrta Mission has well planned curriculum keeping in view today’s competitive scenario also.

For this very propose Antrrashtriya Computer Shakshrta Mission is successfully imparting. It education and IT enabled services through a wide network of 200+ authorized learning centers. We are introducing short term management skill development programmer and mobile repairing courses also.

I has come up with the world class certification system, which is completely online and professionally updates with latest technologies. This initiative will enable us to deliver education to those leaving in smaller towns and backward reasons. The rapidly growing industry need trained human power and new imitative is a step towards meeting this requirement.

Presently, we implemented some unique technical education courses. Our goal is to educate the new generation not to earn money but moral humanity. Lastly, I believe the Antarrashtriya Computer Shakshrta Mission proveds a unique educational experience because the syllabus is not just leaning but quality education enriched with innovative thinking and a value based lifestyle.

I do hope you will join with us must be a part of global it movement and ensure about your success.

Pankaj Kumar
Managing Director