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What is ACSM?
As the name suggests, Antarrashtriya Computer Shaksharta Mission is a program for global computer education. This program is initiated by "PANKAJ TECHNOLOGICAL SYSTEMS PRIVATE LIMITED" The Registered office of the company in Delhi and its Corporate Office at Muzaffarpur (Bihar). This mission has above 300+ learning centers country wide and this number is increasing every day. The main objective of the mission is to promote the concept of computer learning at door step with a world class quality learning environment. Many renowned IT Professionals are associated with this mission as consultant, technical writers and many employers and recruiters trust on ACSM.

What about the company?
"Pankaj Technological Systems Private Limited" is a private limited company incorporated under the companies Act 1956, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Govt. of India bearing the registration No.: U72900DL 2010 PTC 208161 having its registered office at Delhi and Corporate Office at Muzaffarpur (Bihar).

What about the quality certification?
"Pankaj Technological Systems Private Limited" is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified, Registered under JAS-ANZ a company for international standardization in Australia and New Zealand.

What is PTS & ACSM? & What is the relationship in between them?
ACSM i.e., Antarrashtriya Computer Shaksharta Mission is a multinational project, initiated by PTS i.e., Pankaj Technological Systems Private Limited. The main objective of this organization is to bring people from all over the world for information revolution by imparting computer training to all. The Government of India has permit ted this organization to impart computer training in India through authorise centers.

Is PTS an Indian owned Company ?
Although, PTS has its presence in the field of computer training all over the India, it is a fully Indian company with no direct or indirect involvement of foreign capital.

What is the legal status of this company?
This is a totally legal company, which was registered & incorporated on 13th September 2010 under the Indian Companies act 1956 by the Ministry of Corporate affairs in the jurisdiction of NCR Delhi & Haryana, Govt. of India, bearing the Certificate of Incorporation No: U72900DL 2010 PTC 208161.

Can I get a job after completion of a course from ACSM-PTS?
After Successful completion of a career oriented course, a student gets so many opportunities of job placements & self employment automatically. Ability, skills & personality are the main & may be the only standard to get a job. Here we are very prompt to maintain the quality level of education & training at international standard. All the information regarding job opportunities ate available on our website .Thousands of students, passed out from ACSM are placed in various sectors in India.

Is any course in ACSM providing the opportunity of self employment?
Yes! we have so many courses in Accounting, DTP, CMR, Hardware & Networking etc. which are providing a large number of self employment opportunities. Thousands of students are making handsome income through self employment af ter completion of this type of curses.

I am very weak in English Can I learn computer?
Yes, you can. Although, the main language, used in computer still is simple English but this can easily be acquired with little additional guidance such as a handy dictionary & personally super vision. At the same time it should not be ignored that will power is much more important than English to do a computer course. Our books are in simple English & not only this, the training is provided in our national & other regional languages also & additional, if you join our English classes you will get more efficient in a very short time.

If, I am taking admission in a PTS Center, how can I know the genuineness of the admission ?
These are the following ways to check genuineness of your admission: 
(i) Within 30 days of your admission you get a registration certificate at your home address by post/courier.
(ii) You will receive your Identity Card at your center, sent by Head Quarter.
(iii) You can check genuineness of your admission by put ting your name & birth date at the organization's website
(iv) Course materials are provided to all admit ted students only.

What should be minimum qualification for taking admission?
There is no bar of minimum qualification or education or age for computer literacy. However, minimum criterion has been drawn for certain career-oriented programs.

Is there any other Computer literacy program, approved by PTS apart ACSM?
No; ACSM is the only Computer literacy program approved by PTS. However, at the same time it has been observed our end that certain mischievous persons are trying to care some confusion by using similar name for their own interests. But ACSM is NOo.1 due to objective, work culture & quality.

What are the facts that can substantiate ACSM is the No.1?
It is simply because ACSM is fully commit ted to Computer literacy with a definite vision & it can be concluded with the following points that ACSM is No.1:
(i) ACSM is one of the most trusted brands in IT education from the period of its very inception.
(iii) It is not out of the palace to mention that this success has mainly been possible as because ACSM maintains a stringent international standard with diligence.